20 Best WordPress Themes – August 2014


In this post, we will discover the 20 best premium WordPress themes proposed by Envato in August 2014 You will find a list of all the best selling themes, and the least we can say is the majority of them are more customizable, allowing you to design all different from each other sites. This post 20 best WordPress themes for the month of August 2014 is affiliated.

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01 – Avada, Best WordPress Themes 2014


Download Avada

Avada is the number one WordPress theme, and for a while. With over 90,000 downloads, this theme ensures a long-term follow-up with additional support of a high quality. Feature level, this WordPress theme sets the bar high. Read more:

  • Parallax Slider
  • Animated popup
  • More than 75 shortcodes
  • Icons for social networks
  • Automatic update of your theme
  • More than 50 options for your theme

If I were to make a list of all the features of this premium WordPress theme … should scroll down the page a moment. Avada therefore allow you to do what you want as WordPress site type, always responsive. Very flexible, simple, ideal to have in your briefcase WordPress professional.

02 – X, Best WordPress Themes 2014


Download X

X is a professional WordPress theme that comes along with 4 different versions that will allow you to upload each type of site in one click. This WordPress premium theme is configured in a single click, plus the ability to see every change directly, either for a color change, a new layout, change text or image. And if your changes do not please you, simply go back. In addition, with its functions to create a page, all at the click submit, you will be able to create layouts unique. Added to that the shortcodes, and opportunities layout are simply endless. Of course, this theme is responsive. Side font, you will have more than 600 available, enough for a single site, and incomparable.

03 – Enfold, Best WordPress Themes 2014


Download Enfold

Simply put, Enfold is a premium WordPress which is retina ready and responsive theme. In addition, professional theme is accompanied by a 2D / 3D slider, with the possibility of different layout for each of your pages. Optimized for WordPress SEO, this professional WordPress theme will allow you to quickly go up in the search engines. His administration interface allows you to create your WordPress site to the finger and the eye, whether in terms of colors, fonts, or on the layout of your site. Best of all, this WordPress theme is compatible with WooCommerce. Simply install the WooCommerce plugin, and your site will be transformed into ecommerce platform.

04 – Bridge, Best WordPress Themes 2014


Download Bridge

Bridge is a professional WordPress theme comes with 28 different models, allowing you to create WordPress websites all different from each other in a single mouse click. This premium WordPress theme has its own design, which meets the latest innovations in the world of the web. Fully customizable, bridge offers control options almost limitless. Accompanied by almost $ 45 premium plugins, you will have access to Layer Slider and Visual Composer. If you want to buy these plugins, you can simply download this WordPress theme, and you have at your disposal and more a theme that has been chosen as the Best Mover 2013 This theme is also WooCommerce compatible WPML and offers icons in Font Awesome.

05 – Salient, Best WordPress Themes 2014


Download Salient

Looking for a modern theme, compatible with WooCommerce? So Salient is a theme that should not râter. In addition to being responsive and retina ready, this theme is accompanied by creation features page click the drop. You have also the possibility to choose among 600 fonts available to you, choose a color from an infinite number of other and all that, in infinite combination. Salient comes with the slider at ThemeNectar that support slipped to hand the video in the background, using your hardware to speed up everything. And if you want to set up a portfolio on your site, this WordPress theme comes with a configurator portfolio.

06 – The7, Best WordPress Themes 2014


Download The7

A professional WordPress theme that comes accompanied by more than $ 85 premium plugins, just that it’s already a great reason to get it. You can imagine, The7 part of it. You will be entitled to the Visual Composer plugin, Slider Revolution, Responsive Pricing, Compare Tables and LayerSlider. I tell you, do not miss this premium WordPress theme. If you still have reason to get this WordPress theme, know that it is optimized for search engines, it is compatible with WooCommerce and WPML . To help you set up this theme and responsive retina ready, quality support is available to you.

07 – Brooklyn, Best WordPress Themes 2014


Download Brooklyn

In the style WordPress theme One page, Brooklyn sets the bar high, since you will also create a multi-site types. And if you want to set up a multilingual site, this theme supports 100% WPML , what you make tours around the world. Made for agencies, this theme will help you create manageable portfolios with one click, a page management table price supports videos. Like premium plugins accompanying professional issues? Know that this premium theme comes with Slider revolution, a plugin management slider that is most sold in terms of premium plugin.

08 – BeTheme, Best WordPress Themes 2014


Download BeTheme

The aim of this theme is clearly stated to become the undisputed world theme premium WordPress theme. Just by reading the list of compatible plugins, we understand why they set the bar so high. This WordPress theme is compatible with WPML , WooCommerce, bbPress and Events Calendar. You’re afraid to fall in lack of aspiration to build your homepage? Leave it BeTheme, and it will offer one of its 34 different layouts. And when we say different is not a vision of the spirit. Model one page, blog, photo, portfolio, for home improvement companies, make your CV for beauty salons, for corporate sites, agencies, churches, hotels, lawyers, schools, restaurants This is in addition … 200 shortcodes that allow you to set up graphics, layouts boxes type and typography of your website.

09 – Hemlock, Best WordPress Themes 2014


Download Hemlock

Helock is a premium WordPress theme that lets you take advantage of its layout simple and straightforward, making sure to stay within the standards of modern blogs. Done to avoid the distraction and offer perfect readability, the designers of this theme have removed all items that could come distract your readers. In terms of functionality include this theme is responsive, it supports different kind of tickets they are classics, videos, galleries or music. This theme is compatible with WPML .

10 – Hazel, Best WordPress Themes 2014


Download Hazel

The designer of this professional WordPress theme like the names of women, as it features 12 different layouts, all with nome that woman’s name. Apart from that little detail, Hazel is a theme made to satisfy all your needs, it is responsive, retina ready. This theme is ideal for creative professionals, photographers, showcase your portfolio, your agency to create, store, or blog. Hazel is therefore accompanied by 35 women … uh … put in different pages. All you need to choose one for your site to be radically different.

11 – WP SEO, Best WordPress Themes 2014


Download WP SEO

With a name like this, one suspects, this theme is to think before every effort to enable digital marketing agencies, SEO agencies or the social marketers create a website with WordPress. But beware, this professional theme is accompanied by no less than $ 173 premium plugins. Yes, you read that right, $ 173, or more than three times the value of the theme itself. You will have your contact Live compose, Mega Menu, Master Slider, Easy Social Share, Nex Forms, Simplified Google Maps, WPFW and Favicon. All this, coupled with icons and premium images. To make life easier, more creative features on click accompany this theme as the ability to create pages, create forms and create your footer.

12 – Story, Best WordPress Themes 2014


Download Story

Story is a premium WordPress theme that is kind of fullscreen. With his manager slider, you can create a full master page slider on the arrival of your visitors on your WordPress site. You can customize the layout, the background images, the positioning of elements, colors, positioning of buttons, button text, or their styles and the writing used police. Question portfolio, you will be entitled to 7 different types of features, Ajax layout Mansory dynamics, management of multiple columns, partial load portfolio, paging, filterable categories and of course a set page in infinite mode. And if you are looking for a compatible theme with WooCommerce, then discover without waiting Story.

13 – Flat, Best WordPress Themes 2014


Download Flat

The flat design is undoubtedly the latest craze in the world of design. Like all fashions, flat design is not new either, but it must be said that with the arrival of Windows 8, and the resumption of flat design by Apple, the flat design has taken a facelift . This WordPress theme has been designed so that the flat design is found on all floors to create a simple and dynamic rendering. Designed primarily to allow you to create an ecommerce site with WooCommerce, WordPress template that will allow you to open a shop quality. And of course, your shop will also multilingual support for this theme WPML . SEO Optimized, this WordPress theme will allow you to gain visibility in the search engines, perfect for ecommerce shop.

14 – Newspaper, Best WordPress Themes 2014


Download Newspaper

Newspaper is a WordPress theme specially made for those of you who wants to own a WordPress site that allows you to easily create content. Of course, this WordPress theme is for the creation of a news, magazine or online review site site. Want to use this theme to set up a forum? No problem, this theme supports bbPress. Establish an ecommerce site? This theme supports WooCommerce. And if you also want to set up a site worthy of social networks, use BuddyPress because it also supports the theme. This theme also supports WPML and even better, it supports RTL. For those who do not know what it signigie RTL means that your site will support the writing of the right to left.

15 – Total, Best WordPress Themes 2014


Download Total

Total is a topic that deserves its name because it will allow you to set up all the sites you want as it supports WooCommerce, bbPress, all in the retina responsive and ready format. But that’s not all, because this premium WordPress theme comes accompanied plugins premium Drag & Drop, Page Template Manager, Layer Slider, and Slider Revolution. A savings of $ 66. Its sleek, modern design is fully customizable, and has been created for you to be able to create any niche site with WordPress.

16 – Jupiter, Best WordPress Themes 2014


Download Jupiter

Jupiter is a premium WordPress theme that will allow you to set up a site like one page or mutlipages. You choose. Retina ready, responsive, this theme is flexible, giving you the ability to create all the formatting you want on your site. His creation interface page to click file will allow you to spend shortcodes. But even if you can create layouts without shortcodes, it must be admitted, the shortcodes are practical to create elements such as buttons, sliders or whatever you want. This is why Jupiter is accompanied by no less than 100 shortcodes. Like most premium WordPress themes of quality, support WooCommerce theme.

17 – SmartMag, Best WordPress Themes 2014


Download SmartMag

If you look a little closer this premium WordPress theme, you realize that this theme is that we are using on this site WordPress premium themes. Needless to say that we appreciate it. And for good reason, layout quality, simple and elegant design, creating dynamic pages, layout changed. It is even possible to define colors for each category of your website. If you like the record of our site, it is the theme for you.

18 – WPMLS, Best WordPress Themes 2014


Download WPMLS

They say it is possible to create all kinds of websites with WordPress, and it’s not our WordPress agency who say otherwise. WPMLS pushes even further the functionality of WordPress because everything has been done with this premium theme for you to create a website with WordPress eLearning. Creation of courses on the home page with units, quizzes, ability to set a price for your classes, ask questions, make categories or groups, and even create a forum. This site allows you to create courses and sell them, either to the unit, by subscription or a combo of both. This site is also accompanied by extensive statistics administration, allowing you to track all your students. SEO side, this theme incorporates the microdata. What view your site online course qualitatively on Google.

19 – Rosa, WordPress Theme 2014


Download Rosa

Rosa is a WordPress theme that was designed to create a sense of immersion to your visitors. Created to allow you to sites for restaurants, everything was done to allow you to create a dynamic site with a story to your visitors. With this WordPress theme, you’ll be able to create the site for your restaurant in less than a weekend. The parallax effect that accompanies this theme will allow you to include superb menu, image galleries or to reserve tables in your restaurant. The design of the website has also been designed to allow you to create menus for your products. Everything is manageable through a simple and intuitive interface for administration. This WordPress theme is responsive, and perfectly suited to smartphones.

20 – Throne, Best WordPress Themes 2014


Download Throne

Throne is a premium WordPress theme that targets professional content writing, be it a blog or online magazine. This theme is customizable, which will offer you the option to upload a single site. Designed with the latest web techniques, you’ll at hand a responsive website, legibility thought, and that will allow you to manage your handwriting fonts. SEO is central to the code of this WordPress theme, with a load of fast together and secure all. You want the world to read your content? Install WPML , and voila.


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