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Need to find a premium WordPress theme to design shop based on WooCommerce eCommerce? We have for you a selection of the top 20 themes WooCommerce. As always on this site, this is an affiliate article. Happy reading :)

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01 – eCommerce, Best Theme WooCommerce 2014


Download eCommerce

Begin this theme selection by WooCommerce eCommerce, a premium WordPress theme simple and clean, allowing you to create all types of ecommerce site, the site selling clothing at the site of application sales. From a functionality standpoint, this WordPress theme will allow you to load large quantities of products due to its functionality to import via a CSV file, the ability to customize all your transactional emails, manage the currency you want for your site, manage registrations forms on your website to gather as much information about your customers and more features like native WordPress SEO . Compatible with WPML , simply install this plugin WordPress Multilingual for all your shop is a multilingual version. Ecommerce is a WooCommerce theme that opts for simplicity.

02 – Kallyas, Best Theme WooCommerce 2014


Download Kallyas

The theme we have outlined here is not for you because too simple? Then discover Kallyas a WooCommerce theme that sets the bar high by offering plethora of functionality starting with being a responsive theme compatible WPML . In addition, this theme WooCommerce has features for creating stunning pages because you will be able to create new pages using the design function of the page click submit. Combining this with the ability to charge what you like in the header of your site WooCommerce, and manage an unlimited number of colors, you’ll understand Kallyas is a site with features layout without end. In addition to allowing you to manage your product pages, this theme WooCommerce allow you to manage a FAQ, part testimony, a team page, a portfolio section, a blog party, and even a career page. Making this theme more than a theme oriented WooCommerce. It will even allow you to create a website for your business, and to sell goodies related to your company.

03 – Divi, Best Theme WooCommerce 2014


Download Divi

Divi is a premium WordPress theme well known. And because this is certainly one of the most successful made by Elegant Theme themes. So of course, you will create an eCommerce site using WooCommerce, but it’s far from being all it can do for you. In fact, Divi was thought to be the theme to have in his briefcase Creator WordPress site. This theme will allow you to set up a site responsive natively. Install it and that’s it, you have a site that is suitable for both desktop computers as smartphones and tablets. This theme will allow you to set up more layouts radically different from each other with, for example, the ability to position the menu both horizontally and vertically. Thought for this topic to be taken care of quickly, by both novice and expert WordPress, Divi is accompanied by a page builder. This feature allows you to transform all elements of layout provided by this theme graphics, enabling all individuals to create an efficient layout without touching a single line of code. You want the world to read your content? Install WPML , and voila.

04 – MayaShop, Best Theme WooCommerce 2014


Download MayaShop

In the field of premium WordPress for eCommerce, especially WooCommerce themes MayaShop is the best known because it has to his meadows assets 10,000 downloads, and exists since April 2012 If the number of downloads does not necessarily quality the theme, the least we can say is that at least it ensures its durability. We find in this theme quite sober classics as a template responsive, able to choose their own colors or her own handwriting fonts and install WPML for multilingual part. The layout provided by this theme is interesting because it will allow you on the home page to mix some content with your products. In terms of products, we will be able to insert new releases and best sellers. To page the product, clarity of the layout will be appreciated with a product that provides a picture zoom mouseover above, or the presence of additional product. Only small problem, the add to cart button is not visible immediately when necessary to select different variables of product to add to their shopping cart, like a color or size. WordPress requires, this theme offers the ability to create a blog space in the same space as your eCommerce site. This saves you from having to go through two different platforms to benefit from both an eCommerce site and a blog.

05 – Style Shop, Best Theme WooCommerce 2014


Download Style Shop

StyleShop is one of the best eCommerce themes proposed by As you can see from the screenshot, the game took on this theme is the image. You will therefore be possible to base any picture. And this proves quite handy for eCommerce site. Why? Not that you necessarily want to put a fashion photo in the background, but it will allow you to thematize your site. Imagine instead in times of balance, or during holiday periods, it will be possible to come to an agreement with the picture now. From the point of view eCommerce will be appreciated that this theme offers a clear view of the sale items, with the presence of the old price and the new, the product categories are equally clear, with beautiful white spaces between products to properly develop them. On the product pages, it’s classic, with product photo, name, price and description. From a user perspective, we appreciate the visibility of the carriage, and the thread that always helps navigate. Adding a product in the cart also triggers the visibility of the message added, giving us the opportunity to either continue to surf the site, or go to the basket. Practice.

06 – Second Hand Shop, Best Theme WooCommerce 2014


Download Bazar Shop

BazarShop is a theme that will certainly appeal to two categories of person, that person looking for a theme for their own needs, and those wishing to develop a sound basis for the WooCommerce shop a client. Why? Because as you can see from the screenshot, this theme WooCommerce is more sober. Making it an excellent base to customize. For those looking for a simple theme, which presents things properly without too many frills, no doubt it will be a heart stroke. Another interesting point is that this theme is the theme proposed to be an eCommerce site in the state of the art, or turn this into website says catalog. Which is quite significant for all companies wishing to create an online catalog, without being an eCommerce site. In classic premium WordPress theme, this theme is responsive, consistent WPML and offers no less than 300 shortcodes to manage all forms of page that you can wish for. In terms of eCommerce, outside a layout all there is more correctly, two points need to be clarified. The first is at the level of functionality it is important not to underestimate a host pop-up. Although many people spontaneously think it is aggressive or intrusive, experience will show you that a statistically connection time spent, and number of pages views, this does not influence anything. But in terms of sales, it is quite another for one of your products will benefit dice during a head impact de Conde. The second point is the prominence of the truck. To me, it has several positive effects like to know right away that we are on an eCommerce site, and never lose your customers. The rest of the header of this pro WordPress theme is also particularly well thought out.

07 – Flat Shop, Best Theme WooCommerce 2014


Download Flat Shop

Need to infuse modernity in your site eCmmerce WooCommerce? Flat Shop is here for. This theme does so very well by playing several registry. The first sobriety. Today, there is nothing, there is more sober, more modern it is. In addition, the vacuum is a luxury! The second point is played on graphic details. But beware, it is well known that the details make the difference, and here it is the case. Based on all the design of the Flat Design, we are left with a clean, easy to grip interface, and clear to the user. Note also the use of a slider which allows you to both manage dynamic effects and video. From a functional point of view, it’s Christmas. So we find the essential this is a responsive theme, writing and modifiable colors police. But it is far from everything as you can:

  • Change the icon for your truck
  • Make banners with parralaxs effects
  • Implementing a search box with the search function live
  • Manage multiple styles for your sales
  • Create a flipbook to create an online catalog (I admit much love this feature;)
  • Load demo content to understand how the theme works …

Okay, I’ll stop there, but know that it is far from everything proposed theme. Finally, if you feel the artistic side, customize this theme 100% is quite possible.

08 – The Retailer, Best Theme WooCommerce 2014


Download The Retailer

Let’s start with dessert with this theme will you? This theme will save $ 46 plugin for being delivered with the inevitable revolution Slider and Visual Composer you. The first allows you to create insane slider and the second will allow you to create any layout. Here we’re dealing with the cream of the crop in both world. Well, I do not hide that it takes a while to get your feet on Slider Revolution, but once it’s good to you … animated sliders in all directions. These two combined with the fact that this theme comes with extensive customization interface plugins allow you to create a site unique look! And besides, your eCommerce site will be multilingual since it is compatible with … WPML course :)

09 – Neighborhood, Best Theme WooCommerce 2014


Download Neighborhood

I said a little earlier in this article on WooCommerce themes of time, modernity involves a site of purity and space. With Neighbordhood, you will find a theme that will allow your shop to stay in the air. I would tend to say that this theme is responsive, which goes without saying now for the majority of premium WordPress themes. However, are author stresses this last point because the entire theme was based on BootStrap, and besides, it’s Retina Ready, and it’s close for touch interfaces. All without plugin please. I could also just say that this plugin is compatible with WPML , it would not be the first in the list. But how much support RTL? RTL, this is not a radio, but the ability to manage languages ​​whose writing is from right to left – Right To Left. We love that the whole site a feeling of simplicity and elegance disclaims all. Simplicity is always a difficult element to implement, and it is far from being simple to create;) Small detail that will interest more than a freelancer, this theme has also been created for not serving ecommerce site . So you can reuse this theme in a lot of project entrusted by your customers.

10 – Flashlight, Best Theme WooCommerce 2014


Download Flashlight

Before going any further in the presentation of this theme, I think it is important to clarify a point. This theme has been created for the primary purpose of making a site with WooCommerce eCommerce. Flashlight was conceived in 2011 by a developer who was successful, not only because of the theme, but still It has a lot involved. This theme has primarily been developed to suit the photographers. And we must admit, it feels a lot still. Here we will not make a classic boutique with this theme. But if for some this is clearly a weakness for others, it will be an asset. Just think of photographers wanting to create an eCommerce site with their photos. So in that case FlashLight is undoubtedly one of the best choices you can make. Clarification, if this theme was developed in 2011, it is still maintained by its creator, and each update is free.

11 – Sommerce, Best Theme WooCommerce 2014


Download Sommerce

I do not hide that Sommerce has a small air désuait. Here, no flat design point slider with parallax effects of folly, and the point of transition effects. But I do not doubt for a moment that he will find an amateur public because after all, tastes and colors, it is not discussed. And when we see that this topic is always updated after a creation date of 2011, it is not the shadow of a doubt. As you can see, this theme does not offer me a lot to describe …. if you fall in love with its design, then you will still perfectly responsive interface, categories and pages clear products and perfect implementation of WooCommerce and WPML.

12 – Legenda, Best Theme WooCommerce 2014


Download Legenda

With Legenda, back to what we would consider a modern WordPress theme. Graphics sleek, flat design, compatibility with WPML , use Slider Revolution. In short, that’s good for your eCommerce store. What he has going with this theme is that it’s not a theme you buy, but 11 So of course, strictly speaking, this property only Legenda you buy. But this WordPress theme offers no less than 11 variations of bases that allow you to make a site:

  • Selling toy
  • Ecommerce for a restaurant
  • Sales of sporting goods
  • Sale lingerie
  • Food sales (candy, cakes …)
  • Sale of video games
  • Sale watch …

It’s more convenient to have a version that has enabled to meet up with a perfect ride for a shop in three clicks theme. And if you market your services, this theme will be reusable many times.

13 – Engine, Best Theme WooCommerce 2014


Download Engine

Like FlashLight, it should be noted that this topic was primarily meant to serve as a theme for a web agency, or as a showcase site. In fact, it’s not complicated, we always have to do with the same developer. The idea is simple, why not take advantage of the features of ecommerce site, even if our site is primarily done to promote our services? So as FlashLight, it is clear that if the purpose of your site is all about making ecommerce, this theme suffers from too imperfect to be the theme that you need. But if instead you want to create a website for your business, and the way you want to create a store of goodies on your brand while there, it just the theme for you.

14 – Room 09, Best Theme WooCommerce 2014


Download Room 09

The capture of this theme can not lie. Here is a particular type of ecommerce theme for WooCommerce that you expect, because the homepage is built on a model image in fullscreen. Take a ride on this topic to better realizing it. You will find that the home page consists solely of an image in full screen, with blocks in addition on top. Simply put, you will notice that the screenshot is the entire page. The result is more convincing. And besides, everything is perfectly responsive and makes really great on smartphones hat. Well, if I were to list all of the features offered not the issue, I would still be there tomorrow so there. But we can still name the most emblematic as more than $ 110 of included plugins (yes, twice the price of the theme). As we find premium plugin:

  • Revolution Slider
  • Zoom Feature
  • Product Enquiry
  • Whishlist
  • Catalog Mode
  • Pop Up

15 – Foxy, Best Theme WooCommerce 2014


Download Foxy

Offered by Elegant Theme, Foxy is a topic all in one, which also includes a boutique ecommerce. As Propulsion, this theme suffers from major fault into a real theme of eCommerce, but will fit the needs of all agencies, photographers, or company wishing to coordinate the design of a display-type site with a dedicated ecommerce page for sale service dematerialized products or goodies. The main shortcoming of this theme, the fact that the truck is not visible. But if your visitors buys an average of one article on your site, such as a theme, so no worries. The product category page is clear, allows filtering by price, new, best sellers, the price is good and the products displayed pictures set values. The effect when moving the mouse over a product like eye candy and well successful.

16 – Organic Shop, Best Theme WooCommerce 2014


Download Organic Shop

With a name like this, one would almost believe he is perfect for all the shops that want to sell organic products. If this is of course true, but it would be simplistic. Indeed, we must find a creed to distinguish themselves from the competition, and the author of this topic has turned to designing a theme designed for bio shops. But of course, this theme is completely customizable. So ultimately, it will suit a large type of use. The overall record is simple, clean and modern. It will include the possibility of a background image, giving the main tone of the site.

17 – eStore, Best Theme WooCommerce 2014


Download eStore

What’s great about this theme is that it comes from Elegant theme. For those who do not yet have the advantage of Elegant theme, besides the quality of their themes is that you can have full access to all their themes for the price of one theme in the competition. With over 80 themes for $ 69 a year, done the math, that is a cost of not even come back to € 1.20. Just that, it’s already a punchline. But of course it’s not all that makes the charm of eShop. We find in this theme all the charm of the theme ElegantTheme d ‘ie regular updates, the choice of 5 colors, and a valid security code, high compatibility across browsers, a series of well using shortcodes , and an interface for easy customization, but sufficient in most cases.

18 – Abundance, Best Theme WooCommerce 2014


Download Abundance

With Abundance, I almost feel like repeating myself;) And for good reason, here is a theme made ​​by the same designer as propulsion or FlashLight. So like the previous two, it must be said, this theme was not originally thought to make a theme of eCommerce. But unlike the other two, the graphical integration here is much more successful, for using Abundance as a real theme made for eCommerce. In fact, Abundance has even an advantage not to have been originally a theme made for eCommerce, ie, allow you to create something other than just the pages made for eCommerce. This will be an advantage in your SEO strategy, allowing you to design pages of content designed for our friends the search engines. For the eCommerce part, note that the basic principles are widely respected, and that everything is perfectly coordinated in a fairly neutral and sober environment.

19 – Cheope Shop, Best Theme WooCommerce 2014


Download Cheope Shop

Compatible with WPML WooCommerce theme on its simplicity, and highlighted marked products on the home page. As one of its features, this theme is responsive, optimized for SEO, you will have access to more than 200 shortcodes and over 8 different sliders.

20 – Blaszok, Best Theme WooCommerce 2014


Download Blaszok

Conclude this selection of 20 best themes for WooCommerce Blaszok a theme designed to suit most of the uses that can make a WordPress theme. You will be able to design a course eCommerce site but also a site for photographers, a site to create your fashion look book, a site for creative agencies, a fashion store, a restaurant website, and many other. For the ecommerce part of this theme, we love it comes with Slider revolution that lets you create unlimited sliders and animated, but that’s not all. In fact, the home page is full of dynamic elements of the thumbnail display products through inserts text with a background image embedded, and managing the parallax effect. The panel menu can be always visible in the surf on the pages, which is useful to keep an eye on the truck for example. Regarding the menu, it is very amazing, because it allows you to embed images within, and if you do it well, the result is really bleuffant.


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