YouTube & WordPress, 20 Themes for Turning Your WordPress Site Video Platform


We invite you to discover today a selection of 20 WordPress themes specially made ​​for lovers of YouTube. If your goal is to create a site that YouTube is the common denominator of all your publications, then this post will make you happy. You will discover themes 100% YouTube, the idea is to allow you to create a website video portal standards. Other themes will be more focused on creating portfolios videos. You will also discover the themes that mix video and photography. Some of the topics we invite you to discover in this selection allow yourself to launch a WordPress site with all the features found on YouTube, just to let you create a site close to the operation of the latter. You have created a site with a YouTube WordPress themes that we present in affiliation? Feel free to share it in the comments of this post on the best WordPress themes YouTube.

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Gigawatt, YouTube & WordPress Themes 2014


Download Gigawatt

Begin our selection of WordPress themes YouTube by a theme that will delight video-bloggers. This is gigawatt, a theme designed by one of the leaders in the design of premium themes. We will find this theme all I can search for videos blogger with a home page that can accommodate as many videos as you want thanks to its support for widgets and a slide show designed to display a selection of your best videos . Like any good premium WordPress theme that respect, this theme is responsive, and infinitely customizable. In addition, it will allow you to develop an eCommerce easily with WooCommerce party. Established since 2011, this theme was first sold in two versions, one for main display video, the other for eCommerce. But for your convenience, this theme is now available with both versions now. This also allows developers to have one theme to maintain, which is a good thing for users, which can therefore benefit from each of the proposed updates to the theme. If like us, you like the plugin WPML to allow you to design a multilingual website with WordPress, then you will be pleased to know that this topic is 100% compatible with this multilingual WordPress plugin.

Primero, YouTube & WordPress Themes 2014


Download Primero

Primero is a WordPress theme that YouTube should primarily for agencies wishing to highlight their accomplishments videos through their website and their photographs. The graphics of this theme is minimalist, to allow your users to focus on what really matters, your content. For the implementation of this WordPress theme, it comes accompanied by a video documentation and written which will of course English. To help you create the same site as the one you found before buying, an XML file containing the demo content included with this theme, but without the pictures. Want to use WPML to manage a multilingual WordPress site, it will be possible. While this theme does not advertise compatibility with WPML , it comes accompanied by a po file supported by WPML .

VideoTube, YouTube & WordPress Themes 2014


Download VideoTube

VideoTube belongs topics not to be missed if you want to open a site to YouTube. With this simple and effective theme rudely, it is almost like on YouTube between pages specially made to accommodate your videos, and features that comes with it. For example, with this subject, no need to provide an image to showcase your video, this is the theme that takes care with the plugin Video Thumbnails. Whether You support a Vlog, of a site specialized videos or video magazine, will be an essential companion VideoTube everyday. It will even allow your visitors to submit their own videos with a well thought-form. Side theme customization, you can swap the white side of the color you like, although I must say that this white suits him particularly well, and most importantly, it’s the perfect color to fit with all the thumbnails of your images. For the home page, you can choose among 12 layouts proposed and this is not all, since the premium plugin Page Builder is the game. This plugin allows you to manage your layouts without needing to know the WordPress development. Handy when starting, or that you do not want to become a WordPress developer.

Evid, YouTube & WordPress Themes 2014


Download Evid

Evid is proposed by Elegant Theme theme. That alone is already a good point because you will be able to access this and other WordPress proposed by Elegant Theme theme in cluster mode. Just this detail is in itself a good point. But that’s not all because Evid was developed to enable video-bloggers to use a WordPress theme built for their needs. In fact, everything in this WordPress theme has been done to allow you to embed videos from YouTube. In fact, it goes even further because all of its features is exclusively oriented video. Just refer to the page of notes to be convinced. The page notes that WordPress theme YouTube raises the bar by providing a layout worthy of the best video sites. If you are a fan or YouTubeur film, this theme will fill you up. Each page of your site, you will have a dedicated insert for inserting video, below it the ability to write text, which will not hurt your SEO, quite the contrary. In this section reserved for inserting a video from YouTube, so you’ll have the video in Central mode, surrounded by icons for various actions. Include in the list of icons, a link to allow your visitors to embark on their tours this video on their website, share on social networks, write down your video, leave a comment, find other associated videos the video you are watching, easily leave a comment. Note also the presence of a handy button to partially mask the rest of the site. This button is also present on YouTube to get an idea. Evid is a 100% theme-oriented video, and something for all bloggers looking for the perfect theme to work intensively with YouTube.

DeTube, YouTube & WordPress Themes 2014


Download DeTube

There is no denying DeTube is clearly oriented video-bloggers and anyone wishing to have a WordPress site highlighting videos from YouTube. In fact, it even goes a step further with this theme, as some parts remember very clearly YouTube. Just go to the page for publishing a video for noticing. So of course, this is not a copy of YouTube, but some small elements come remind us forcefully. The screen capture of this WordPress theme highlights the top of the home page, where we see that once a visitor arrives, a video full screen it comes with a headband containing other videos. But it would be almost misleading because one would tend to think that the entire page is limited to these items. In fact, the top is like a block having its own life, while the rest of it consists of highlighted categories in your site videos in the thumbnail of each video, the number of times which were seen, the number of comments and sharing on social networks. For sites with lots of videos, and many categories, this layout allows to see at a glance all the richness of your site. Along the same lines, we find the category pages. This WordPress theme also incorporates Youtube BuddyPress plugin, for those of you who would be willing to create a major challenge to their video website community side. What even further resemblance to YouTube.

SnapTube, YouTube & WordPress Themes 2014


Download SnapTube

The designer of this theme is a strong bias in choosing to develop a theme for both horizontal and vertical. Instead of the menu, we find a dynamic banner images, done to attract clicks on your videos. The menu, when it is present in vertical mode. So it will build on the wide screen types. Of course, this WordPress theme is quite responsive as surfing your site with a smartphone, it will be seen in vertical mode. For the purpose of your site is perfect, the menu shifts, and is inserted at the top of your site, fashion icon. To allow you to create pages simply, this theme comes along with a module for creating page in the front office. No need to go to the admin interface to create your pages. This module looks impressive ease. You want to monetize your website? This theme comes along with a module of video advertising. And if you want even more Internet users, please use WPML because this theme is 100% compatible with this multilingual WordPress plugin.

SocialPlay, YouTube & WordPress Themes 2014


Download SocialPlay

Synchronize your WordPress site with your YouTube account, here is the main feature highlighted by the theme. In fact, it goes even further, as it will also allow you to synchronize your Vimeo,, UStream, Metacafe and even CouldSound for music accounts. What saves valuable time. Simply register on these platforms, and manage your favorite lists, and this WordPress theme is coming to synchronize with them. This theme is perfect for video-bloggers and those using the features offered by the big names in online video. We also find in this theme what makes rename WordPress premium themes namely the ability to customize your theme. You can choose from a dark or light theme, the ability to create your own layout with a page builder to click, or the use of Slider Revolution to manage your dynamic slideshows.

Awesome, YouTube & WordPress Themes 2014


Download Awesome

Like the simple themes, devoid of a million options, then you will simply Awesome. Developed this theme by Graph Paper Press, you will have access to a minimalist theme. Into a WordPress theme YouTube, this theme support video format ticket. Though simple, it is still possible to come customize certain elements of this theme as the colors, handwriting fonts, logo or favicon for your site. Developed in HTML5 and CSS3, this WordPress theme embeds the latest web technology, delivered in a simple, but professional.

TrueMag, YouTube & WordPress Themes 2014


Download TrueMag

TrueMag is a WordPress YouTube that will allow you to customize your site in every detail theme. Just the home page, it’s a dozen different layouts. The one we selected to capture screen layout inspired by the interface of Windows 8, I called Metro. But many others are available such as the one with a video appearing in full screen, or that using the Slider plugin Revolution. In this regard, this WordPress theme is therefore accompanied plugins premium Slider Revolution and Visual Composer. It is almost $ 40 saved. The only thing to be careful with premium plugins included with the theme, it’s good to update your theme whenever possible, as this will be the only way that you will be available to update your premium plugins. A man informed in your ten it seems. In addition to embed premium plugins, this theme is also compatible with major plugins like bbPress or BuddyPress. The first allows you to create a forum on your site content, while the second will encourage your visitors to interact more with your site, like sending their videos on your WordPress site. This is why you will see a button is clearly visible in the design of this theme, offering your visitors to upload their own videos. Know more than the Membership plugin, developed by WPMU is also compatible. What monetize access to certain videos from your site. If your goal is to make money with your visitors, know that a plugin has been developed specially for this theme. This is Adverstissing Video. The idea is pretty simple, launch a video ad before the user can not see the content of the video. For you to see which system you prefer to monetize your video site.

ModSlider, YouTube & WordPress Themes 2014


Download ModSlider

Graph Paper Press is the store of premium themes behind this WordPress theme. As always with them, we are dealing here with a theme that does not make you crumble under the options, preferring that a WordPress theme oriented to accomplish a single task and precise. With this WordPress theme no surprises, its handling is simple and rendering is just as important.

VideoMagazine, YouTube & WordPress Themes 2014


Download VideoMagazine

VideoMagazine, as its name suggests, is a WordPress theme that will allow you to create a video dedicated to the site. On the menu for this theme, a nice feature that allows you to manage millimeter each of your pages. Indeed, this theme has been designed so that each page are customizable with widgets. Thus, each constituent element of your pages is a widget, handy for future customization. Fully responsive, this theme also comes with five different layouts for the home page, and five different versions for the footer of the site. If this is not enough, then you can help you SiteOrigon Page Builder, a page builder to click that seems very easy to use. Multilingual support side, both WPML and RTL are supported. RTL support means that you can manage languages ​​whose writing and reading are from right to left.

Divi, YouTube & WordPress Themes 2014


Download Divi

It is true that Divi is not strictly speaking a theme 100% YouTube video. In fact, it is a theme that will allow you to design any type of WordPress site. That’s the advantage of Divi, be flexible enough to fit all your needs. It is possible to turn it into site dedicated to the YouTube video. Offered by Elegant Themes, Divi is part of the best sellers of this platform for creating premium WordPress themes. In addition, a significant advantage is that you can have ready 90 WordPress themes for less than $ 70, bringing the price of the theme just pennies!

Pitch, YouTube & WordPress Themes 2014


Download Pitch

With Pitch, transform your home page full-screen video content. As you’d expect in view of the screen of this premium WordPress template capture the concept of this theme is to allow you to create an online portfolio. Primarily designed for photographers, this topic will become no problem to use 100% video. You can then insert both at the home page, in your portfolios, or in the pages of your blog. I think the layout of the homepage is uniquely made for agency websites. It’s not for nothing that the website of our agency WordPress is designed on this model. This theme is becoming a theme Retina Ready and Responsive eight page templates, four types of portfolios, dozens of shortcodes, and possibilities for blog party. For you to push this issue into a corner to make it a theme-oriented complement the video.

Divogue, YouTube & WordPress Themes 2014


Download Divogue

Divogue, it’s heavy. This WordPress theme will allow you to create a website YouTube, but not that. In fact, it will allow you to create almost any type of sites that you can do with WordPress, textual content of the site, through the video portal, and even eCommerce sites using the plugin WooCommerce . And it is far from what you propose this theme. Guests have access to the installation of a demo file with one click, a code optimized for WordPress SEO , theme Retina Ready and responsive, as well as revolution slider plugin to allow you to manage slideshows of high quality .

Sideswipe, YouTube & WordPress Themes 2014


Download Sideswipe

You get the habit now with proposed by Graph Paper Press themes, simplicity and sobriety. With these themes, we know we have to make a theme that will be limited to what it offers without being a gas plant. So, this WordPress theme offers a layout-oriented image, where the whole is articulated around a system slide presentation mode.

ParkCollege, YouTube & WordPress Themes 2014


Download ParkCollege

When talking about WordPress themes YouTube, we tend to think only two or three types of website as a video portal, a portfolio of video, or a video-blogger site. But that would not count on the eLearning site. That is why we invite you to discover ParkCollege, a WordPress theme specially designed to be the perfect theme in the world of eLearning, supported by YouTube videos and more. So yes, you can insert YouTube videos into this topic, but you have to doubt that a template eLearning kind that does not limit it. ParkCollege you will in addition to creating online courses, and a driver of Research specially made for this theme will allow your students to find them easily. In addition, ParkCollege is an easy to customize theme, the home page has been developed to be changed, and in addition will be a perfect companion to make a website WordPress Multilingual thanks to WPML .

Moments, YouTube & WordPress Themes 2014


Download Moments

Create a wall composed entirely of videos, or assembly of videos and photos, this is the purpose of this WordPress theme. You will in addition to creating a wall of infinite types. With it, your images and videos will be reloaded every time your visitors come to the end of the page.

Klix, YouTube & WordPress Themes 2014


Download Klix

Klix is a WordPress theme that allows you to create moods with uploading video in full screen or in the background, with text above. This type of theme is distinguished from YouTube WordPress themes is to see as much footage on a single page. Here is more minimalist side wins. I would say it is a theme geared towards artists wishing to display their videos just like on a digital canvas.

Albedo, YouTube & WordPress Themes 2014


Download Albedo

Last theme from our selection of GPP, Albedo is a place among the themes of minimalist kind, as always with Graph Paper Press. Primarily made for photographers, this theme can be customized easily by theme YouTube videos because of its support WordPress video formats. The rest of the theme is customizable, but at least, like all GPP themes. So you can customize the color and font of writing, but you can not customize the layouts beyond measure. If you like this theme as then it is for you. Note that this theme incorporates a system specific to ecommerce GPP. Although it is beyond the scope of this post on YouTube WordPress themes, know that you will to sell your photographs easily, all connected to PayPal.

Digitec, YouTube & WordPress Themes 2014


Download Digitec

Let us complete our selection of WordPress themes by YouTube to a futuristic theme. Digitec is a WordPress theme that will address primarily on agency and anyone who wants to upload a video portfolio site like WordPress. This theme comes with team page, service, contact and of course, page sizes specially made for a blog-type. After all, we are talking about themes for WordPress.


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