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Are you a photographer and you want to use WordPress to display your photographs? Here’s one great idea! WordPress is the most suitable tool for your needs. Why? For two main things. Publish your photos is a breeze with WordPress, and a wide selection of premium WordPress themes for the photo exists. You’ll be spoiled for choice. To make life easier for all photographers who want to use WordPress, we selected 20 WordPress photo full page type themes. So, with all WordPress templates that we offer you to discover, you will be able to offer your visitors a quick dip in your photographic works. Note that if all WordPress themes we have selected are perfect for photography, some are also in the video. So it’s not all the themes that we suggest you discover that support video, and we will notify you if any, but still, it’s a more significant to the issues in question. Do expect more, and discover on the selection of 20 full-page photograph WordPress which in my themes, cream of what is happening in the world of premium WordPress theme. If you use one of these themes for your photography website, please leave a comment with the name of your site and the theme you use, it will allow others to realize the results that we are expect with this theme. This article is affiliated with shops topics listed.

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01 – Wall Street Photographer WordPress Theme Full Page 01-wallstreet-theme-wordpress-photo-full-page-premium

Download Wall Street

Begin our selection of WordPress themes Photo by Wall Street, a theme proposed by Graph Paper Press . If you’re new to this shop for premium WordPress themes, know that we are dealing here with specialists in creating template for photographers. It therefore seemed natural to start with them. Furthermore, the approach proposed by Wall Street is interesting for a title, and this on the home page. Like all the topics we invite you to discover our selection, your visitors will be greeted by a beautiful picture in full screen. But that’s not all. Indeed, this theme is designed for photographers who want to showcase their work. For this, the home page also allows you to highlight some selections for your portfolio, services you offer, customer testimonials, a band that you can insert logos of your customers, and of course, a view on an article of your blog, WordPress requires. We could almost feel on a site like One-page. On the witness part, I like the theme proposed by the original key. We find a course text, but the latter took in a text bubble with next, a photo of the person giving the testimony. For a theme oriented in the picture, I find this fine detail found.

02 – Gleam, Photographer WordPress Theme Full Page 02-gleam-theme-wordpress-photo-full-page-premium

Download Gleam

Gleam’s approach is to propose a theme where the image is central, and those, on all pages of the site. So whatever the page where your visitor is, there will always be a full background with photography, everything always responsive. This theme will be appreciated that there is a photographer or agency wishing to illustrate his text with images. When you arrive on the home page of this WordPress theme, you’ll notice two things, the central block with the title or logo of your site, and no menu. In fact, the two form only, that when you hover over the central block, the menu unfolds below., Offering all the entries in your menu. The least we can say is that it will not leave your visitors marble. In addition, it provides ample space for the background image, while putting out the best in your brand. With this theme, the ajax is king. Each mouse click on a menu item, blog, or portfolio, Ajax returned to the stage to create animations on your site. This provides a real dynamism throughout the site. With this theme, you will not lose you the options because these allow you to change only some aspects of the site such as color or the font. If the entire theme you like, no need to have access to a range of optional lanyard as your arm.

03 – Atlas Photographer WordPress Theme Full Page 03-atlas-theme-wordpress-photo-full-page-premium

Download Atlas

Atlas is a premium WordPress theme that lets you build a site for both the needs of a photographer, put forward a portfolio, or create a personal site. Existing since 2011, this theme quite a success, still being regularly updated to be compatible with the latest versions of WordPress. Slightly more feature rich than the previous themes of this selection, Atlas allows you to manage 4 different home page on the server to send the font you want, offers six types of galleries manage both the photo video and 8 custom widgets. As you can see on the home page, a great full screen picture will greet your guests, and the menu is melted in the whole picture. What you can not see on a screenshot is that this is a slideshow of image thumbnails and other images appear at the bottom of the screen when the user moves the mouse. It is also possible not to load thumbnails when mouse movement with said minimum version of the home page. You will also have access to another type of show called KenBurns. If you do not know the term, it is a zoom / un-zoom is done automatically from a still image, to create a dynamic effect. If instead you want to welcome your visitors on a perfectly still image, it is also essential in this theme. Of course, this theme is 100% responsive.

04 – Fullframe, Photographer WordPress Theme Full Page 04-fullframe-theme-wordpress-photo-full-page-premium

Download Fullframe

Fullframe is unusual in its approach. This WordPress theme is reserved for photographers who want to combine both large images on their website, and content. Indeed, the home page consists of a series of large images allowing you to showcase your content. When you click on one of these contents, you are redirected to a slightly more conventional part, where your visitors can read your article, with photos, needless to say. Note that for each of your articles a large images will be inserted into the header, and the rest is particularly simple as using white. Very convenient to enjoy your articles a lot of pictures without ever player is not disturbed by a sidebar, or bottom too garish.

05 – Fable, Photographer WordPress Theme Full Page 05-fable-theme-wordpress-photo-full-page-premium

Download Fable

Fable is hiding behind a WordPress theme to the look simple and chic, trying to reproduce the effect of such one-page on the home page, while not sacrificing a more classic version of the site, namely pages shares as essential for the contact page, About, or all the pages you want to create categories. This whole topic is quite simple in design, with a very simple rendering. To round out the event, you will have access to shortcodes to customize the layout with columns you the information about the author of the note section, the display buttons share on social networks, integration slideshows and slideshow.

06 – Exposed, Photographer WordPress Theme Full Page 06-exposed-theme-wordpress-photo-full-page-premium

Download Exposed

Exposed is a full page theme that heavy shipments through all the options it offers. In the screen that I propose to find out what WordPress theme you have the dark version of this theme, but know that it is also available in white version capture. Then it’s a theme that will serve both the photographer and all those looking for a portfolio theme. It is no less than 12 types of galleries that will be proposed by counting the dark and white versions. You will have access to galleries types full page, where all your thumbnail images come fill the entire space, galleries in the form of a slide show galleries with KenBurns effect and many others, you make your choice. The blog party is not left with this theme because two layouts are offered.

07 – Albedo, Photographer WordPress Theme Full Page 07-albedo-theme-wordpress-photo-full-page-premium

Download Albedo

The purpose Albedo Company, is to propose a theme that will allow you to showcase your photos with a magazine effect in terms of rendering, with responsives qualities for your site to be viewable by all users, regardless of the interface used to connect to your site. You will have the ability to create an image slideshow available on the home page plus the presentation of your portfolio, the latest articles from your blog, and photos are betting on sale on your site. And yes, the big plus of this theme is to have thought of all photographers wishing to use their site as a vehicle for selling their photographs. The party is run by eCommerce developed by Graph Paper Press plugin, you know, specialists creating themes for photographers, we were talking in the first theme we invite you to discover in the selected theme. No wonder they have therefore developed a sales system for photographers. We therefore find no other system features ecommerce offer you as affixing a watermark on images to sell, a pop-up during the implementation cart to select the type of license you want to the selected image. The rest of the sales system of this plugin is simple because once in the list, the user will be prompted to view the checkout page, fill out their information, and pay by PayPal. A simple and effective system for all photographers wishing to be able to market their photos with their WordPress site.

08 – Slash, Photographer WordPress Theme Full Page 08-slash-theme-wordpress-photo-full-page-premium

Download Slash

Slash is a WordPress theme developed by theme designer well known as one of its themes was quoted in our selection of 20 premium WordPress themes exceptional . This is the theme The7. Slash with us in the same niche as this topic has already been sold thousands of times while being updated regularly by its designer. It is always important to choose a premium theme which the designer takes care regularly for your theme does not create a security breach, and it supports the latest versions of WordPress. Slash offers us to be used as a full page theme, and this either with a slide, a static image or a video. As I said in the introduction, is to manage the video is a plus because today many a photographer is no longer limited only to the static shot, and also offers video services. This is a theme that will allow you to present your pictures as well as videos, even though his specialty remains the picture. For video, this theme is based on JWPLayer and therefore allows you to host your own videos. Offered in both a darker than white version, the set comes in a responsive case where the vertical menu changed positions to become more discrete for mobile interfaces. It foolish for some or portfolio blog part two layouts are offered. One in the form of vignettes, and the other more classic, with sections one above the other.

09 – Onesie Pro Photographer WordPress Theme Full Page -Full-page-premium 09-onesiepro-theme-photo-wordpress

Download Pro Onesie

Suggest a topic that does not make one thing but do it well, it is the will of Graph Paper Press Onesie with the theme. This theme has been designed to provide the basis for a simple and elegant portfolio. This dress theme is the background photo here a desert, which is still present on all pages of your site, either on the home page, the portfolio part, or the part blog . This gives you the ability to mark your overall impression of your site with a single photo. Indeed, to say that this topic is limited to being a portfolio is a bit simplistic as it will also allow you to sell some of your photos. As I have already had the opportunity to present the theme Albedo, Graph Paper Press has developed a plugin specially designed for ecommerce guy selling images. This ecommerce plugin is simple, while offering all the functionality specific to the sale of images on your future WordPress site.

10 – Crius, Photographer WordPress Theme Full Page -Full-page-premium 10-Crius-theme-photo-wordpress

Download Crius

What I like with WordPress full page themes is behind a similar designer, there are various achievements. Like the other themes we have selected your visitors land on a page with an image in full screen mode, but what makes the difference with this theme, the positioning of the menu. For starters, it is right, and again, it is folded, as you can see in the screenshot. Indeed, it is the yellow band, which may be in the color you want. A simple pass the mouse over it unfold and allows access to all menu items. From the perspective of portfolios supported by this theme supports 8 In this list, we will find the usual layout in two, three or four columns, as well as galleries in full screen, or protected by words galleries password. I love that protected by passwords galleries are proposed, as this is a great way to allow a client to connect to the site so he could view the work, without the work found in plain view, such as wedding photos, for example.

11 – Intra Photographer WordPress Theme Full Page 11-intra-theme-wordpress-photo-full-page-premium

Intra download

As always with proposed by Graph Paper Press themes is simplicity prevails. This theme is not just a simple theme to showcase your photos. In fact, the main aim of this theme is the sale of picture. That is why you will be offered a home page like the screenshot above. Other pages will also be made available as a category page, where you can consolidate all of your photos for sale. In terms of ecommerce plugin system, it is always the one developed by PPG that will be available.

12 – Kodax, Photographer WordPress Theme Full Page 12-kodax-theme-wordpress-photo-full-page-premium

Download Kodax

The name of this theme makes me smile. If like me you have known the great era of the photo film, no doubt you immediately head the same brand as me. If it does not, then you’re too young to have known him as well as leader in France in its field, the company has discontinued the marketing of photographic film there is already a good time. Well, I would stop there on this aside, that has nothing to do with the proposed theme, except that with a name like that functionality, we are in the field of photography, no doubt the above . As with many topics offered by Envato, the feature list is substantial, offering you the opportunity to push the issue far enough. Two features attract my attention, loading a demo file and code optimization for search engines. The ability to load a demo content is very interesting for sites offering many options as it will be possible to find almost the same layout as you’ll discover with the theme. I say almost because it does not necessarily take over the images that have been used for the design of the demo version of the theme, it all depends on the developer. If he used royalty-free images, so it will be good. Otherwise, you will not have the images.

13 – Huge, Photographer WordPress Theme Full Page 13-great-theme-wordpress-photo-full-page-premium

Huge Download

Immense is a minimalist theme, it’s funny in contradiction. In fact, this WordPress theme is foremost name in presenting pictures that are in full page format.

14 – Nicanian II WordPress theme Photographer Full Page -Full-page-premium 14-nicanian-theme-photo-wordpress

Download Nicanian II

Nicanian II is part of our selection of themes that allow you to load both images in full screen videos. For those interested in the video capabilities, this theme supports Youtube API to let you seamlessly integrate it on your site. Built on Bootsrap, the whole theme is perfectly responsive, which is nice for the full page websites, allowing all your guests to see without the slightest inconvenience. Three versions of this theme are available to you. A darker version, a clearer version and another version called Surf. This latest version is the same as the other a design point of view, only the elements are more colorful.

15 – Uno WordPress Theme Photographer Full Page 15-uno-theme-wordpress-photo-full-page-premium

Download Uno

Uno is a WordPress theme that launches two goals. The first is to be a classic and understated theme be your portfolio or blog. The second, due to its minimalism, it is to be a template framework. Framework by means a theme that will serve as a basis for developing further complicated while using the features offered by the parent theme as its responsive capabilities. If the second goal is clearly to destinations developers or integrators, the fact remains that Uno also allows people without these technical skills to use and customize to minima. Always clearly oriented towards photography, this theme offers to architect your tickets as galleries. For example, a ticket is primarily designed around a gallery plugin which allows you to combine in a single ticket from picture together.

16 – Panorama, Photographer WordPress Theme Full Page 16-panorama-theme-wordpress-photo-full-page-premium

Download Panorama

Say that Panorama is not a theme like the other would be almost an understatement. I can assure you that WordPress premium themes, I ais already seen thousands, and yet when I try to find a theme architected on the same model, nothing come to mind. If you know another, please let me know in the comments. What makes this single point Panorama? Already the fact that the set is vertical, then the presence of all of your categories on the right, as well as thumbnails of your photos are also presented vertically, and finally a vertical strip of icons for share , search and more. I would have only one thing to say you’re going to see for yourself rendering.

17 – Photolux Photographer WordPress Theme Full Page 17-photolux-theme-wordpress-photo-full-page-premium

Download Photolux

If you are a little sensitive to what is happening in the world of premium WordPress theme, then no doubt Photolux is not new to you. With over 7000 downloads, it is a best seller of this selection. What makes Photolux be appreciated at this point can be summed up quite easily by simplicity and modularity. Indeed, the entire proposed by this theme is quite sober, putting the photo in the center graphic. This is a great place for a theme aimed primarily at photographers. Regarding modularity, there a little more to say. If one begins with the galleries, you’ll be able to determine by gallery, the size of your images, generate a black and white effect to your images, always in gallery, and create as many as you like. As for the theme itself, you can choose between three rendered. A clear record, a dark record, or a dark, transparent rendering.

18 – Widescreen, Photographer WordPress Theme Full Page -Full-page-premium 18-widescreen-theme-photo-wordpress

Download WideScreen

With the arrival screens 16/9 th themes like full page began using a vertical format for the implementation of the menu, giving more visibility to the central image. Widescreen course uses this type of record. And for those who have not understood his name may as well refer to the fact that the photo takes the entire screen, but it’s also another name 16/9 screens, screens wide. Besides supporting a slideshow of images on the home page, this theme offers a static image, or to insert videos.

19 – Chocolate WP Themes WordPress Photographer Full Page 19-chocolatewp-theme-wordpress-photo-full-page-premium

Download Chocolate WP

Like the previous theme, this template is based on wide screens to come insert a vertical menu. But that’s not all, because it will come as you view thumbnails slideshow played on the home page. Convenient for your visitors, who can easily go on a photo, and in addition, an icon in the form of eye tells your visitors what is the image that is in court viewing. You may be in doubt, it will be possible to use either a slideshow or a static image, or use video in this homepage. The presentation portion of the blog is very interesting.

20 – DK, Photographer WordPress Theme Full Page 20-dk-theme-wordpress-photo-full-page-premium

Download DK

To complete this selection of WordPress themes full page type, I suggest you to discover DK. Much his name is short, as its features are much less. Indeed, the list is quite long, I give you only judge. 4 types of home page, 10 different page templates, 6 types of galleries, 7 custom widgets, many shortcodes, shortcode generator, support for part blog, Twitter and Facebook integration and customizable contact page. In addition, an audio player is present on the site, allowing you to immerse your visitors into your atmosphere.


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